**The pics/images are copyright of Bettas Dôjô.  Please do not take them unless authorized**

Albino(geno) HM (geno) from BCBetta

Albino (geno) DT HM from BCBetta

True MG from BCBetta

Orange BF HM(geno; carries Black Orange) from BCBetta

Yellow-Type II-HM (BF geno) from TopBettas

Copper Gold HM (old pic; has better finnage now) from TopBettas

Red Plakat (HM geno) from GrandBetta

Green Mask DT HM from TopBettas

Asian MG HM from TopBettas/Udom lines

Tri-color/Triband Cambodian from BettasHouse (pic is of another fish, but is exactly the same phenotypically)

White Opaque HM from TopBettas

Black CT from BettasHouse (pic is of another fish; but is exactly alike)

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