This is one place I get QUALITY stock from!! Tell Lapheng that I sent you This is the place to get hard to find Aquaculture equipment! Another place I get QUALITY stock from Marianne!!! Has pure Jude Als MG line

Looking for some nice bettas? Some MGs here too! Check out their gallery! Some quality equipment/meds/ etc. at reasonable prices! Also, they are helpful in everything!! If you want professional aquaculture breeding/barrack systems, go here!!! Need shipping boxes?  Here's where to get them!!! Looking for Giant bettas?   Here's where to go.  Also look for his metallic blue and green line!!

               This was my secret site for containers, but what the heck! Beannie Baby Boxes! Need super clean Black worms? Tell them (Dan) I sent you! Need some live food? This place has tons of it!  I recommend Grindal Worms! Tell them I sent you!

My friend Tassaporn's homepage.  Some sweet bettas here!! (link is broken due to a new site coming up called TassAquatics or SiamAquatics)

            A betta club in Indonesia that have good stock from many breeders!!

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