Step 3:  Introduction of the pair.

Once you have determined that the pair is ready by either reaching the end of the condition period or the female showing vertical stripes or the male building a massive bubble nest, you can introduce the pair to each other.  Since the female is in a separate container inside the breeding tank, I would slowly tip the container over so as not to disturb the surface of the water (bubble nests could easily pull apart or even pop) and release the female. 

There will be fighting or no fighting.  Both ways are normal for bettas.  Some females decide to breed quickly and some play hard to get.  Some males do the same. Either way, give them at least 3 days to spawn, if they don't breed w/in that time, then terminate and start over.  

Problems: If your betta male has no interest in the female, breeding, or is getting his butt kicked by the female, it is best to terminate the spawn for either a later day (re-condition) or just to terminate the pair and conclude they are a mismatch.  This is the same for the female. 

The most important thing is to make sure you monitor the breeding b/c you don't want to lose your male or female in this brutal breeding conflict.  I've lost many in the earlier years of bettahood. I regret that I didn't stop the breeding b/c I lost some rare fish that I'll never find again.

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