Step 1 :  Breeding Tank Setup.

-Tank set up: Use a 10 gallon tank! It's the best!  Put a styrofoam cup (cut lengthwise) in to the tank along with some live plants (Java fern, Java moss, Anacharis, etc.).  Also, put in a submersible heater and set to 80 degrees Celsius and cover 80% of the top of the tank with either saran wrap or a cover of some sort.  

-I would also suggest to use some Indian Almond Leaves (scientific name: Terminalia Catappa) to promote breeding.  In the wild they breed in drought season, where all of the water is brownish. (Click here for why they breed at certain times and water conditions).  That is what Almond Leaves do, make the water brown.  Also they put some extracts in the water to help strengthen the fishes scales and health (i.e. some anti-bacterial/fungal  properties, slight pH reduction, increase fertility, acts as a water tonic, intensifies color of fish, etc.)

-The female container, that should be located within the breeding tank, should be clear so that the male can see her w/out being able to touch/hurt her.  Some people use a Lava lamp glass canopy or a glass candle canopy, but I prefer to use Beanie Baby Boxes with a lot of holes in them.  The reason being that I can circulate water through the female's quarters as well, while the canopies don't circulate unless you lift the canopy up a little=increases the chance of her getting out and the trouble of putting her back in the canopy.

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Fig. 1: Overall tank setup w/ 10 gal. tank.

Fig. 2: Sponge filter & submersible heater.


Fig. 3 & 4: Java Fern (L)& female container w/in tank(R).







Fig. 5: Indian Almond Tree (Terminalia Catappa)


Fig. 6: Dried leaf of above. This is what you use.